laboratory experimental BENCHmarks in complex environments aiming at wave propagation and ImagEry codes validation

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Latest update : 7 June 2013.

Textes utilisés comme entête ou pied de page de certaines pages (notamment celles listant des éléments, dont le contenu est donc généré automatiquement à partir de données diverses).

Articles in this section

  • Related projects

    7 June 2013, by E. Sarrouy

    Projects related to the Benchie project are currently under progression.
    The results related to the Benchie project were presented in publications and at many meetings. See, for instance:
    In journals
    Cristini P., Favretto-Cristini N., Tantsereva A., Ursin B., Aizenberg A.M. & Komatitsch D. (2012) Laboratory benchmarks vs. Synthetic modeling of seismic wave propagation in complex environments (BENCHIE Project): Results for a spectral-element method and the Tip-Wave Superposition (...)

  • Numerical simulations

    7 June 2013, by E. Sarrouy

    2D and 3D numerical simulations of the 2D and 3D zero-offset experiments with the Marseille model are currently performed using two kinds of numerical methods : a Spectral-Element Method (SEM) and the Tip-Wave Superposition Method (TWSM).
    The SEM is based upon a high-order piecewise polynomial approximation of the weak formulation of the wave equation. It combines the accuracy of the pseudospectral method with the flexibility of the finite-element method (Tromp et al., 2008). In this (...)

  • Experimental data - Entête

    30 April 2013, by E. Sarrouy

    Available data sets are listed below. Access to the full description of the experimental set up and comments about the results is restricted: have a look at the participate page to get an account!

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